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IBI Scoreboard for September 1, 2014
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Indians Prospect Insider

March 20, 2012   (0 comments)
2012 Indians Top 50 Prospects: #12 Felix Sterling
The 2012 IPI Indians Top 50 Prospect countdown continues with #12 right-handed pitcher Felix Sterling. He is as raw as they come, but there is no denying the tools and potential with him. He has prospect helium where with a good season of development this year he could find his way into the Top 10 next year. Tony breaks down his talent and where he needs to improve.
March 19, 2012   (0 comments)
2012 Indians Top 50 Prospects: #13 Zach McAllister
The 2012 IPI Indians Top 50 Prospect countdown continues with #13 right-handed pitcher Zach McAllister. He had a nice bounce back season last year and made his Major League debut, and he is now an immediate big league starting pitching option for the Indians this season. Tony looks at what changed for him last year and where he could maybe still improve.
March 19, 2012   (0 comments)
Goodyear Notebook: March 18th
With over 150 players in minor league camp, there is always something interesting to note and report on. Today, Tony touches on shortstop and third base and how they may be the deepest positions in the organization, plus he also gives injury updates on Jordan Henry, Geoff Davenport and Antwonie Hubbard, talks about Juan Romero's power, Adam Abraham's growing value, and more!
March 19, 2012   (2 comments)
Lots of competition for left field
With about two weeks to go in Indians' spring training, the competition for left field is still wide open with many possible options for the Indians to consider. Andy takes a look at all of the players battling to win time as the regular left field and who may be the one to emerge as the main left fielder.
March 18, 2012   (4 comments)
2012 Indians Top 50 Prospects: #14 Jesus Aguilar
We continue on with the 2012 IPI Indians Top 50 Prospect countdown with #14 first baseman Jesus Aguilar. He had a breakout season last year as a prospect with some impressive power numbers and is one of the most intriguing bats in the Indians' system to follow this upcoming season. Tony looks at his strengths and if his plate discipline concerns can be overcome.
March 18, 2012   (4 comments)
Tribe Happenings: Still no clarity on a lot of position battles
We are about halfway through spring training and none of the camp battles have yet to sort themselves out. Tony looks at all the position battles and who the favorites appear to be, he looks at the latest Carmona/Hernandez news, he gives some injury updates on several players, and lots more.
March 18, 2012   (0 comments)
Minor League Spring Game Recap: March 17th
The Indians celebrated St. Patty's Day yesterday with two short intrasquad games. Several players that played may be on the roster bubble as the first round of spring cuts appear to be looming. Tony recaps all the action from yesterday, with the standouts being Francisco Lindor, Jake Lowery, Adam Abraham, and Ryan Battaglia.
March 17, 2012   (2 comments)
2012 Indians Top 50 Prospects: #15 Bryson Myles
The 2012 IPI Indians Top 50 Prospect countdown rolls on with #15 outfielder Bryson Myles. He is yet another 2011 draftee that is in the Indians' Top 50 listing, and he has all the tools and potential to become a bonafide Top 5-10 prospect come this time next year. Tony talks about his very good power-speed combination and if his raw abilities can be harnessed so he can become a legit Major League option down the road.
March 17, 2012   (0 comments)
Minor League Spring Game Recap: March 16th
Indians' minor leaguers played in their first games of the spring against another organization on Friday. Tony has all the stats for the players that participated in all four games, with big days coming from Jeremie Tice, Dorsyss Paulino, and Leonardo Castillo.
March 17, 2012   (0 comments)
Armstrong ready for whatever role he gets
There are lots of new faces in Indians’ minor league camp this year, one of which is right-handed pitcher Shawn Armstrong. Tony talked to him briefly this week and looks at his potential role this year and what he needs to work on to become a more complete pitcher.
March 17, 2012   (2 comments)
2012 Indians Top 50 Prospects: #16 Jason Knapp
The 2012 IPI Indians Top 50 Prospect countdown continues with #16 right-handed pitcher Jason Knapp. He has struggled with a right shoulder injury since he was acquired from the Phillies in July of 2009 and has since had two significant shoulder surgeries. He has frontline stuff and ability, but health is a major concern right now, and Tony looks into whether he still has a chance to realize his potential.
March 16, 2012   (5 comments)
Goodyear Notebook: March 15th
Tony chimes in with another notebook with some updates on several players in minor league camp for the Indians. He talks about LeVon Washington's big start yesterday, provides an update on how long Austin Adams may be out, recaps Steven Wright's day, likes what he sees in Chin-Lung Hu, gives a sleeper alert about an unknown prospect, and more!
March 16, 2012   (2 comments)
Myles is off and running this spring
Indians outfield prospect Bryson Myles is already a well known prospect that is in the Indians Top 20 prospect ranking this year. Even with the good standing he is not the type that rests on his laurels, and he wants to continue to strive and do what it takes to increase his value to the Indians even more.
March 16, 2012   (0 comments)
2012 Indians Top 50 Prospects: #17 Cord Phelps
We roll on with the 2012 IPI Indians Top 50 Prospect countdown with #17 second baseman Cord Phelps. He had another very good season last year for Triple-A Columbus and also made his Major League debut. While he struggled a lot with his offense and defense in his short time in the big leagues, Tony believes he is a good handcuff to Jason Kipnis at second, the bat is legit and that there is some potential for some added versatility.
March 15, 2012   (7 comments)
Goodyear Notebook: March 14th
Tony chimes in with his first notebook from minor league camp this spring. In today's notebook he provides updates on where Jason Knapp and Hector Rondon are in their rehabs, Jorge Martinez and Tyler Cannon's new position, Dillon Howard's first bullpen session, the Francisco Lindor-Tony Wolters keystone combo, other position changes and more.
March 15, 2012   (3 comments)
2012 Indians Top 50 Prospects: #18 Jake Sisco
The 2012 IPI Indians Top 50 Prospect countdown rolls on with #18 right-handed pitcher Jake Sisco. He is a high profile selection from last year's draft that has a lot of talent and potential where he could some day be a Top 5 prospect in the Indians' system. Tony profiles him and shows why he has so many people excited about him.
March 15, 2012   (0 comments)
Blair looks to rebound from inconsistent 2011 season
Last season Kyle Blair did not deliver on the expectations set on him after being a high profile draft selection and signing in 2010, but if his knee injury that significantly impacted his effectiveness for most of last season is behind him he may be ready to get on a roll and repair his prospect standing.
March 14, 2012   (0 comments)
2012 Indians Top 50 Prospects: #19 Thomas Neal
The 2012 IPI Indians Top 50 Prospect countdown continues with #19 outfielder Thomas Neal. He was acquired at the end of July last year for Orlando Cabrera and was limited by a wrist injury the rest of the way, but he was a higher profile prospect in the Giants' system going into the season. Now that he is healthy Tony thinks he could help answer the Indians' need for a young, productive right-handed bat.
March 14, 2012   (0 comments)
Back in the desert
Tony is back in the desert ready to kick off another year of covering the Cleveland Indians from the minors to the big leagues. He sets the table for what to expect while he is out in Goodyear and also provides a few other site updates with Smoke Signals returning on April 3rd and an e-book version of his 2012 prospect book.
March 13, 2012   (2 comments)
2012 Indians Top 50 Prospects: #20 Clayton Cook
We roll into the Top 20 in the 2012 IPI Indians Top 50 Prospect countdown, and right-handed pitcher Clayton Cook kicks things off at #20. He is a good, young pitching prospect that has been both a performer and shown a lot of development in his minor league career to date, and Tony has the details on what kind of pitcher he may end up being.

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