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IBI Scoreboard for April 16, 2014
DET 2 Box
COL 3 Recap
TOL 1 Box
TRE 3 Recap
AKR 4 Box
SAL 0 Recap
CAR 4 Box
PEO 4 Recap
LC 0 Box

Jeff Ellis

Senior Columnist

Jeff Ellis

Jeff was born and raised in Akron until he fled to Columbus to get his degree from the Ohio State University. Jeff first started internet writing back then, mostly focusing on the NFL and specifically the NFL draft; for all he knows his old Tripod site might still exist out there some where.  A little over two years ago Jeff found this site by cruising John Sickel’s site and reading the comments. Once he found this site he never left, and a few months after that he was writing for the site and has been since then. A fan of all Cleveland Sports, Jeff admits there is a joy in prospects that you don’t find in most sports. A prospect always gives you a chance he might be the next great player, as they are like a lottery ticket that we all hope hits.  Jeff currently resides in New York City where he works with children with Autism, which doesn’t really in any way relate to the History degree he earned from Ohio State.  Jeff can be reached by email at

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