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IBI Scoreboard for April 17, 2014
CLE 5 Recap
DET 7 Box
COL 3 Recap
TOL 0 Box
AKR 3 Recap
BOW 2 Box
SAL 10 Recap
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BUR 3 Recap
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November 13, 2012   (2 comments)
Cleveland Sports Insiders: ESPN's John Clayton to appear
Jim and Steve return to the cyber airways tonight and welcome a new guest: ESPN NFL Insider John Clayton. Clayton will join the guys in the first half hour and offer his thoughts on the Cleveland Browns, the team's new ownership as well as starting quarterback Brandon Weeden. John will also offer a prognosis as to what could be ahead for the Browns. Plus, in the second half hour, Jim and Steve tackle all things Cavaliers and Indians. All this and more when CSI goes live tonight at 11 p.m.
November 7, 2012   (0 comments)
Cleveland Sports Insiders: Waiters, Shurmur and Tribe rumors
The Cavaliers appear to have found a diamond in the rough with their pick of Dion Waiters. Have they found their tandem that will carry them to the playoffs and beyond? The Browns played loose football against the Ravens, and it could have put the final nail in his coaching coffin. The Indians made some noise as well. Join Jim and Steve, as they welcome a surprise guest on the cyberwaves tonight, talking all Cleveland Sports!
October 30, 2012   (0 comments)
Cleveland Sports Insiders: 10/30/2012
After a long hiatus, Jim Pete and Steve Orbanek return to the cyberwaves tonight with CSI: Cleveland Sports Insiders. The show will now air in two half-hour increments every Tuseday night from 11:00 to 11:30 p.m. EST and 12:00 to 12:30 a.m. EST. The guys will touch on many topics tonight including the debut of this year's Cavaliers as well as the recent resurgence shown by the Browns. All this and more when the guys go live tonight at 11:00 p.m.
October 8, 2012   (0 comments)
Smoke Signals 10/8: Terry Francona edition
Smoke Signals is back on the cyberwaves tonight for a special half hour edition from 11:00pm – 11:30pm EST. In tonight's special show, Tony Lastoria and Jim Pete discuss the hiring of Terry Francona as the Indians' new manager. They will look at how quickly the Indians moved through their process to find a new manager, what Francona brings to the table, if anything different can be expected with Francona in charge, what the future holds for Sandy Alomar Jr, and much more.
October 1, 2012   (0 comments)
Smoke Signals 10/1: Season finale edition
Smoke Signals is back on the cyberwaves tonight from 9:00pm – 11:00pm EST. Tonight’s special two-hour show is hosted by Tony Lastoria and Jim Pete and is the final show of the season. This is one of the most critical offseasons for the Indians in some time, and Jim and Tony will wrap up the 2012 season discussing the firing of Acta, the the return of Antonetti, and give some final thoughts on the roster before they wrap up the show discussing the offseason and what strategy the Indians will and should use to improve and predict what the roster will look like next spring. Give then a listen!
September 29, 2012   (0 comments)
Cleveland Sports Insiders: 9/29/12
IPI's newest entry into the radio arena returns tonight as Cleveland Sports Insiders with Jim and Steve airs live at 10:30 p.m. With the recent firing of Manny Acta, you can expect to hear plenty of Tribe talk from the guys. Plus, the Browns are now 0-4 after a 23-16 loss to the Ravens. Be sure to listen in tonight as the guys offer all their thoughts.
September 25, 2012   (3 comments)
Smoke Signals 9/25: Rounding third edition
Smoke Signals is back on the cyberwaves tonight from 10:00pm – 11:00pm EST. The Indians season has a little over a week remaining, and that is the same thing for “Smoke Signals” as this is our second to last show of the year before our two-hour season finale on a special night next Monday. Tonight, Jim and Tony will hit on a bunch of random topics surrounding the Indians as they look to tie up loose ends before they break down the season and preview the offseason next week.
September 18, 2012   (0 comments)
Smoke Signals 9/18: Minor League wrapup edition
Smoke Signals is back on the cyberwaves tonight from 10:00pm – 11:00pm EST. The Indians season is winding down, but the minor league season is already over after the regular season ended two weeks ago and the playoffs wrapped up over the weekend. Tonight, Jim and Tony step away from the big league team and recap the minor league season for all six stateside affiliates and discuss the biggest movers at each affiliate, the prospects rising and falling in value, and lots more.
August 14, 2012   (0 comments)
Smoke Signals 8/14: West coast edition
Smoke Signals is back on the cyberwaves tonight from 10:00pm – 11:00pm EST. This week Tony and Jim will discuss the recent dismissal of pitching coach Scott Radinsky, whether it was the right move or not, what other changes could be coming, and whether Ruben Niebla is a potential long term fit. They will also discuss yet another Hafner injury and what it means for his future as an Indian, the end of the recent 11-game losing streak, the goals for the remainder of the season, and they will also dive into some minor league discussion on some of the players at High-A Carolina.
August 7, 2012   (0 comments)
Smoke Signals 8/7: Falling down edition
Smoke Signals is back on the cyberwaves tonight from 10:00pm – 11:00pm EST. The Indians are in a rapid downward spiral, one where just a week and a half ago people believed they might get back into the division race to where now people have completely given up on the season. Tonight, Tony and Jim will talk about and try to find out just where things went wrong, who might be to blame, what can be done to fix things, and if the Indians can truly get this thing righted and win next season.
July 31, 2012   (0 comments)
Smoke Signals 7/31: Trade deadline edition
The trade deadline is today at 4:00pm EST. Will the Indians buy, sell, or stand pat? We will know the answer to that question when Smoke Signals airs tonight at 10pm, so tune in and listen to Tony Lastoria and Jim Pete as they breakdown and try and make sense of what did or did not happen.
July 29, 2012   (0 comments)
The Inside Pitch 7/29: The Trade Deadline Edition
After taking two of three from Detroit, it appeared the Indians were about to surge. After their weekend series with Minnesota, the team may need to be re-evaluated. With the trade deadline looming, what will be the Indians next move? Andrew Zajac and Jeff Ellis discuss everything you need to know about the past week, as well as any potential trades.
July 24, 2012   (0 comments)
Smoke Signals 7/24: Buying, Selling or Quitting?
The Yankees may have pulled off the surprise of the deadline with the trade for Ichiro. The White Sox made the first couple of moves with Youkilis and Brett Myers. The Tigers pull in a big-time starter in Anibal Sanchez. The Indians...The Indians...The Indians...well...they sure like to talk about Windows? With Tony vacationing on the great American beaches, join Jim and the IPI as they talk trade deadline...
July 17, 2012   (0 comments)
Smoke Signals 7/17: Trade talk edition
Smoke Signals is back on the cyberwaves today at a special time 10:00am – 11:00am EST. Today, Tony and Jim discuss some of the events from the Indians current 7-game road trip through Toronto and Tampa Bay, but most of their attention will be spent discussing the upcoming July non-waiver trade deadline which is now two weeks away. Will the Indians be buyers or sellers? Who do they trade? What needs have the highest priority? They discuss that and more....give them a listen!

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