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IBI Scoreboard for September 14, 2014

Indians Prospect Insider

May 11, 2014   (4 comments)
Second Thoughts Game #37: Indians 1, Rays 7
In any baseball season, there will come games like Saturday's contest against Tampa Bay - contests whose sole highlight is its absence. Such was the case when Zach McAllister took the hill; the brightest moment of the night was its conclusion, the clement words: It's Over. The IBI's John Grimm provides some Second Thoughts on the game and other things going on with the Indians.
May 10, 2014   (10 comments)
Second Thoughts Game #36: Indians 6, Rays 3
The lead-up to the 7 PM contest between Cleveland and Tampa Bay saw the Cleveland sports Twitter cosmos was astir regarding a rather different team. In the aftermath of drafting a certain Mr. John Paul (a pope, possibly, or a papal candidate) as well as the news of a possible suspension to a star wide receiver, frantic emotions defined the zeitgeist - the roller-coaster trajectory to the Indians 6-3 win was no less viscerally gripping. The IBI's John Grimm provides his second thoughts on the Indians' fourth straight win.
May 4, 2014   (16 comments)
Second Thoughts Game #30: White Sox 0, Indians 2
The Indians shut down the White Sox on Saturday as Masterson put the ball on the ground and the offense did just enough to win 2-0. While the Indians won, the IBI's John Grimm looks at to interesting notes from what was an otherwise rough game to watch. He talks of Jose Ramirez's rise and Masterson's outing...
May 3, 2014   (0 comments)
Second Thoughts Game #29: White Sox 5, Indians 12
The Indians erupted for 12 runs on Friday night and beat the White Sox 12-5. The sloppy play on defense and the inconsistent starting pitching continued, but the bats came alive against John Danks with Michael Brantley and Carlos Santana leading the way. The IBI's John Grimm talks about Brantley's sudden home run surge and analyzes whether it is for real and also talks about Danny Salazar's outing.
April 27, 2014   (2 comments)
Second Thoughts Game #24: Indians 3, Giants 5
The Indians got off to a good start and Zach McAllister was crusing through four innings, and the Indians were up 3-0 going into the bottom of the fifth inning. That is when things went haywire as the Giants plated four runs and took control of the game and eventually won 5-3. The IBI's John Grimm chimes in with his Second Thoughts on the game....
April 26, 2014   (13 comments)
Second Thoughts Game #23: Indians 1, Giants 5
The Indians fell to the Giants 5-1 on Friday night in a game where it was never as close as the score indicates. Giants starter Tim Hudson was in complete control all night while Indians starter Carlos Carrasco actually pitched well but the Giants just maximized every run scoring opportunity they had. The IBI's John Grimm talks about Carrasco's interesting advanced stats and how he has been unable to catch a break so far this season.
April 13, 2014   (3 comments)
Second Thoughts Game #12: Indians 12, White Sox 6
For the Cleveland Indians and the fandom that follows them, Saturday's 12-6 victory was an oasis in what has been an offensive desert of a start. The team's offense finally broke out of a week long slump and piled up 12 runs on 12 hits, though the starting pitching continues to be inconsistent. The IBI's John Grimm looks at the rotation's performance to date and offers up some evidence that things may not be as bad as they seem....
April 12, 2014   (1 comments)
Second Thoughts Game #11: White Sox 9, Indians 6
As tempting as it is to indulge in the frenzy of panic that tends to emerge after losses - or steep oneself in the intoxicating thrill of victory - it's frequently more useful to try to find the good in losses and the bad in wins. In this vein, John Grimm gives his Second Thoughts on Friday night's loss to the White Sox, looking at the early struggles of Carlos Carrasco, Asdrubal Cabrera's clutchness, and more.
April 6, 2014   (4 comments)
Second Thoughts Game #5: Twins 7, Indians 3
The Cleveland Indians' loss on Saturday to the Minnesota Twins wasn't totally shocking -by generous estimates, they had something like a 60% chance of winning the game. The offense never got untracked and Vinnie Pestano has struggled in the early going, but the IBI's John Grimm takes a positive outlook to Carlos Carrasco's outing...
April 5, 2014   (2 comments)
Second Thoughts Game #4: Twins 2, Indians 7
The season opening series in Oakland saw the Cleveland Indians take the series 2-1, both of their wins having been taken in dramatic fashion. It took awhile to get going on Friday, but the Indians opened up their home schedule with a 7-2 thumping of the Twins and the IBI's John Grimm shares some thoughts on the performances of some key players.
March 27, 2014   (3 comments)
Carrasco's Conundrum: Summing the parts
The Indians made the announcement on Wednesday that Carlos Carrasco will open the season as the club's fifth starter. The Indians have had their enigma's on the mound over the past few years with Fausto Carmona and Ubaldo Jimenez, and Carrasco is yet another one to add to that mix. Can he finally put it all together and is there anything from his 2013 performance which points to him being in line for a solid 2014 campaign? The IBI's John Grimm breaks it all down....
March 17, 2014   (2 comments)
Command Statistics: A sortie into the unknown
Corey Kluber and Zach McAllister are, at first glance, quite similar pitchers. Both were acquired in a trade for a role player, neither were widely-heralded prospects, and their 2013 ERA's were almost identical. But they are actually quite different when you look at their strikeout and walk rates, and in the research that the IBI's John Grimm collected they appear to be different in not just throwing strikes but hitting the targets give by the catcher.
March 12, 2014   (2 comments)
Discardable data: Spring training as sabermetrics
We've all heard the refrain "Spring training stats don't matter." But what exactly does that mean? Why do the same stats that players accumulate in the regular season not matter when it comes to spring training? John Grimm tackles the topic, explaining just what it is about spring training statistics that make them useless to make predictions about the upcoming season. Enjoy as John goes through this discardable data.
February 27, 2014   (5 comments)
Asdrubal Cabrera: At the corner of BABIP and plate discipline
In 2013, Asdrubal Cabrera hit the ball extremely well. This is not a popular opinion; however, in 2013, Cabrera’s line drive rate of 23.4% was a well-above league average clip. Some have attributed Cabrera's plate discipline issues as a major factor that weighed down his BABIP last season, but the IBI's John Grimm explains that there is no evidence suggesting that plate discipline and BABIP are correlated.
February 19, 2014   (15 comments)
Star-Crossed Batters: Yan Gomes and Lonnie Chisenhall
Since the turn of the century, an outsized part of the Indians’ success has been the trade of role players for franchise centerpieces – and the trade of Esmil Rogers to the Blue Jays in exchange for Yan Gomes and Mike Aviles has continued trend. In his latest, the IBI's John Grimm takes a deep look into two players Yan Gomes and Lonnie Chisenhall who are more similar at the plate than they appear.
February 10, 2014   (7 comments)
The dual offensive profiles of Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana genuinely had excellent offensive numbers last season against left-handed pitching, and while he also had good numbers against right-handed pitching there is a clear different with his approach and power when facing a right-hander. The IBI's John Grimm takes a deep and detailed look into his approach from the left and right side of the plate and pinpoints the difference as to why he is so different from each side of the plate.
February 1, 2014   (4 comments)
Jason Kipnis watches the world go by
Last week the IBI's John Grimm took an exceptionally deep look into Jason Kipnis's home run prowess in 2013. While researching and preparing that piece he noticed that perhaps the most notable development in his 2013 campaign was his substantial increase in both strikeouts and walks. He breaks it down as only he can with tons of data and analysis on the Indians All Star second baseman and what those increases mean.
January 22, 2014   (4 comments)
The illusory long ball power of Jason Kipnis
Carrying a very solid walk rate and an excellent line-drive tendency, the Indians are counting on Kipnis to be a cornerstone for the Indians offense in 2014 and beyond. Yet while he had a career high 17-home run season in 2013, those expecting a 2014 power surge from Jason Kipnis may be disappointed. The IBI's John Grimm explains with some stunning analysis and detail, and shows just where his true value may be as a hitter.
January 16, 2014   (5 comments)
Asdrubal Cabrera and problematic bouncebacks
After a 2013 Wild Card game performance in which Asdrubal Cabrera went 0-for-4 with a strikeout and the single most deflating play of the season, a double play in the bottom of the 4th with the bases loaded, the phrase ‘bounce back’ was not an appropriate word for Cleveland audiences. But the IBI's John Grimm explains in great detail how Cabrera's final 2013 numbers were affected by some poor luck and how he just may be in line for a bounce back year in 2014.
January 15, 2014   (5 comments)
Corey Kluber' excellence and his slider
Ubaldo Jimenez was one of the most important members of the staff last year for the Indians, and the arrival of Danny Salazar late in the year helped bolster a staff in need of support after several injuries cropped up. While the Indians continue to wait and see how the Jimenez saga carries out this offseason and Salazar figures to be a key piece to the rotation behind Justin Masterson, IBI newcomer John Grimm takes a look at the rise of Corey Kluber last year and how vital he is to their success going forward.

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