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IBI Scoreboard for April 15, 2014

Jim%252520Pete Archive

April 4, 2014   (12 comments)
Jason Kipnis is more than a "blue-collar" star
Jason Kipnis has always been considered a player that's been a hard-worker. Unfortunately, when you are stereo-typed as a hard-worker, you are often downgraded as a player that has to overcome a lack-of-talent. Kipnis has fought that "blue-collar" stereotype his entire life, and in doing so, proved to the Indians that he's more than just a guy that gets dirty. Join Jim Pete as he chronicles Kipnis and his meteoric rise from his high school brilliance, to contract renaissance.
April 3, 2014   (4 comments)
2014 Carolina Mudcats Preview: Rising from the Ashes
The 2014 Carolina Mudcats in the spring of 2014 are a vastly different team than they were a season ago. Last season, the Muddies debuted with their prior two first round draft picks in Francisco Lindor and Tyler Naquin. As expected, both top ten prospects made quick work of the Carolina League, and were playing in Akron by the end of the season. Also gone is arguably the Indians top pitching prospect in Cody Anderson, who followed Lindor and Naquin, as well as several other high upside Indians’ prospects, to Akron for the 2014 season.
April 2, 2014   (2 comments)
Salazar & Kipnis at the Corner of Carnegie and Ontario
The Tampa Bay Rays signed young starter Chris Archer to a multi-year deal, continuing their organizational belief that you build and sign good, young pitchers to long-term deals before their worth skyrockets. The Indians have likewise signed players such as Carlos Santana, Yan Gomes and Michael Brantley to deals, but have yet to incorporate this strategy with their pitchers. Today, Jim Pete looks at the Rays, and points to Danny Salazar as a top candidate for a long-term contract.
April 1, 2014   (5 comments)
Smoke Signals s7e6: Rain, rain, go away
Smoke Signals is officially back on a weekly basis and tonight Jim Pete and Tony Lastoria kick things off back on it's regular Tuesday night slot. With today's rainout, Smoke Signals will focus on last night's interesting affair, as the Indians scored two runs late to beat the A's 2-0. It wasn't without a bases loaded jam, and a stressful ninth inning. They'll also be talking about what the Indians may have in front of them this year in the A.L. Central, and beyond.
March 30, 2014   (6 comments)
IBI Power Poll: Your 2014 Indians predictions are...
In 2013, the Cleveland Indians did the unthinkable: they won 92 games a season after they had only won 68 games, and they made the playoffs. While Kenny Lofton is arguing THAT point, the one-game foray into the postseason realm galvanized the fanbase, and reminded many of what things could be like with a winning baseball team. On paper, the Indians didn't add much to the roster, but will their be enough internal improvement for this team to take it to the next step? Join Jim Pete for your chance and picking the Indians' future with today Power Poll-palooza!!!
March 26, 2014   (24 comments)
Carlos Madness at the Corner of Carnegie and Ontario
March Madness is in full swing at the Corner of Carnegie and Ontario as the Indians pack up Goodyear and head to Oakland for opening day. At the center of the insanity, Carlos Santana was named the starting 3rdbaseman over Lonnie Chisenhall & Carlos Carrasco was named the #5 starter over Josh Tomlin. Join Jim Pete as he takes a close look at dos Carlos, and throws a pre-cursory look at the AL Central in 2014.
March 23, 2014   (10 comments)
The Sunday Drive with the 'Westbrook Rule'
The Cleveland Indians and Justin Masterson failed to reach an agreement with Justin Masterson. The Indians have been reticent in past years to sign post-arbitration pitchers to long-term deals, and this proved true again this offseason. Join Jim Pete for this week's Sunday Drive, where he takes a look a the Indians' 'Jake Westbrook Rule,' the new clubhouse mentality, Elliot Johnson and how things are rarely what they seem in the spring.
March 19, 2014   (5 comments)
Smoke Signals ST4: The rotation, bench & the prospect book
Welcome to Smoke Signals, as Jim Pete and Tony Lastoria talk spring training, as the Indians time in Goodyear begins to wind down. Camp is unusually quiet as most of the roster is set, but how could things change over the next two weeks? Who could be heading to Cleveland, and who could be heading to the minors or perhaps even off to other big league teams?
March 16, 2014   (18 comments)
IBI Power Poll: And the Final Starter is?
The Cleveland Indians have two weeks left in Spring Training, and there are only a few holes left to fill. The one getting the most notoriety is for the final spot in the rotation. The good news for the Indians is that there does appear to be a couple of starters that are moving away from the pack. Who is your pick for the last spot? Will the Indians go for the best performer, or will they go for the player with options...or are those one and the same.
March 12, 2014   (5 comments)
Signing Kipnis at the Corner of Carnegie and Ontario
The Cleveland Indians are focusing their sights on starting pitcher Justin Masteron, who may have put himself out there as willing to take a thee-year deal to stay in Cleveland. While all eyes are on the big, bald righty, there are also ongoing talks with a player that could prove to be even more important down the road in Jason Kipnis. With two similar players signing big-time deals in the offseason, is it time to wrap up Kipnis? Join Jim Pete in his stroll through the Corner of Carnegie and Ontario.
March 9, 2014   (4 comments)
The Sunday Drive with Masty, Carlos, Cody and birthdays
Jim Pete dusts off his old Sunday Drive column for a closer look at why signing Justin Masterson goes far beyond the numbers, why Cody Anderson really could be a factor should the Indians need one in August, why Carlos Santana shouldn't be looked at all that closely just yet, and how something special could come out of the Indians' patience in handling Danny Salazar.
March 6, 2014   (15 comments)
Masterson signs at the Corner of Carnegie and Ontario?
The Cleveland Indians have apparently been given a potential break in the negotiations with their "ace" starter, Justin Masterson. According to the reports, Masty is reportedly copacetic with signing a deal that's far less in years and overall money than Homer Bailey's six-year, $105 million deal. Is his offer truly less time, and is it truly a discount when it's all said and done? IBI's Jim Pete talks Masterson, and the joys of Spring Training...
March 2, 2014   (0 comments)
It's Oscar Night at the Corner of Carnegie and Ontario
The Cleveland Indians are entering the first phase of their 2014 MLB season: the one in which they play games, but without a whole lot of meaning behind much of anything. In other words, you can read too much into what they do or say just yet. Join Jim Pete as he looks at some recent rumblings, than ties the Indians to the Oscars on this most hallowed of Hollywood evenings.
February 26, 2014   (2 comments)
Smoke Signals s7e3: The Indians' Spring Training Questions
The Cleveland Indians opened up against the Cincinnati Reds today, officially kicking off the 2014 MLB season. The Indians 25-man roster is fairly set, with four or five spots still open should they remain healthy over the next five weeks. Jim and Tony put together another Smoke Signals podcast before the game and share some of their thoughts on some of the stories in spring training.

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